My name is Sydney. I am a food blogger stereotype in that I like food enough to take photos of it and sprint toward anything topped with a runny egg.


I live and cook in a rent-controlled apartment in Los Angeles. My kitchen is the size of many Manhattan bathrooms, which is a fun adventure.

I’m a UCLA alumna with a degree and Dean’s Honors (Indeed.) in World Arts and Cultures. After bouncing around between two museums and a gallery for the first couple of years after graduating, I currently hold down a steady job in the arts, in which I wear a lot of black (which suits my sunny disposition), drink copious amounts of coffee, and wear necklaces shaped like pig silhouettes when I meet with clients.

“Curating My Cooking” and “Off the Menu” are my attempts to document, recreate, reimagine, and relive information I’ve gleaned from exploring the food memories of chefs, bartenders, servers, farmers, and other food and restaurant industry professionals. It’s culinary anthropology, if that exists. This is the search for classics of my own, for food memories that will hopefully become as dear to me as my pulse.

This is not one of those “lifestyle” blogs. This blog is about food. 

Food that evokes, invokes, and provokes. (Read that sentence out loud and the impact doubles. Trust me. It sounds great.)

Food you can bite into and viscerally feel something.

Food that doesn’t require a choice between a grocery list and the ability to dress at least moderately stylishly. 

Food that doesn’t require longer than an average length movie to prepare.

Food that tastes delicious.

I am not a professional chef (although I often call on those in my personal acquaintance for advice.) And I have no desire to be the “end all, be all” culinary opinion in your life. There are plenty of chefs who can and are filling in that niche. I’m here to advocate for them.

In other words, I’m the brazenly confident home cook figuring it out – one paycheck, ingredient, recipe, meal, and memory at a time.

Let’s eat.