Dear Diary

Be Here Now, Or How Kettle Chips are Super Deep

Someone had scrawled a long paragraph down most of the bottom half of the stall door. Two phrases

Stirring Up Memories

It’s some point in the mid-90s, and I’m in elementary school. There is a two-tier black footstool in

Too Much Time with Runny Yolk Folks

Is it possible to remember a time before eggs with varying degrees of runny yolks were put on

“You’re A Decadent Girl” – Starting Exploration of The Dom Perignon and Birkin of Spices

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”          –Mae West There is nothing wrong with embracing excess.

A Meditation on Deep Fried Things

While at dinner with a friend, my eyes popped. It was just a piece of shrimp tempura. Breaded,