Chocolate. Cake.

Once upon a “second time around,” (and I really do mean the second time around, since I completely

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie: A Ridiculous Rhyme and A Legacy Recipe

First, a poem I composed while drinking wine and packing for my Thanksgiving flight up north. ‘Twas the

Patience is a Virtue I Apparently Don’t Have: Truffles (The Chocolate Kind)

It’s finally happened – a valuable experience and great recipe system that tasted fantastic….that I’m never going to

Challenge Accepted: Cheesecake

There are certain people I will always be happy to wake up text messages from. My friend Kenji

It’s Not Just For Soup Anymore: Miso Ganache

Before I started driving myself to high school, I looked forward to foggy or rainy days. Foggy and

“Bark” Desserts Aren’t Only for Cold Weather

I grew up in Northern California, and consequently have huge appreciation for Ghiradelli and Scharffen Berger chocolate. I’ve toured

Photoshoot-Worthy Lemon Bars

I present you with a fantastic photo taken by The Rock Studio of the recipe to come: I’m

I don’t want to singe my eyebrows off, Chef: Bananas Foster and Johnny Iuzzini

My celebrity crushes are very different from those in my core group of friends. While they’re heading to