Off the Menu Podcast: Shady Business and Awkward Moments



Elephant in the room: Mr. Burch and Junior are vegan and vegetarian, respectively, and have been so patient with my continuous stream of pork/beef/cheese compliments. In this edition of Off the Menu, we finally address the awkward moments. We also discuss that girl who allegedly sprayed Windex in her roommates’ food.

Off the Menu Podcast: The One Where Ryan Drinks



Have you ever consumed a strong vodka cocktail so quickly that you rendered yourself incapable of doing basic math? I have. It was for a special occasion, though. Ryan is drinking again after a 109-day cleanse, and Jake, Junior, and I are eager to celebrate the occasion. You’re going to hear us clink glasses a few times, but hang out with us while we discuss a new Foodstagram (that’s the food porn side of Instagram) celebrity and play “Fridge or Cupboard” – there are debates about Nutella and soy sauce we’d like you to Fact-Check.


Off the Menu Podcast: James Beard Would Have Liked WeHo



Two new voices in this “Off the Menu”: Kelly, the Pop Tart Queen and Andrew, the Man Just as Monotone as I Am

(Don’t worry, Jake and Ryan are still around. You’ll hear them in the next one. Kelly and Andrew rock. I promise.)


Listen to our take on The James Beard Foundation Awards (for those of you scratching your heads, we also explain what that means), Tweezer Food, and….bacon overkill? Is there such a thing?


Off the Menu Podcast: Hola.



National Tortilla Chip Day was yesterday, and we’re celebrating by having a debate about red vs. green salsa and discussing how we take our chilaquiles.

Bonus: a tribute to Nutella. Would you like to be able to make Nutella soft-serve with only two ingredients? We’ve got you covered. And a $50 Fifty Shades of Grey cocktail? Huh.

Off the Menu Podcast: Pancake Vortex



It’s National Pancake Week. And pancakes are always worth talking about. Do you like noodles? There’s a contest for you. Just submit one recipe, nothing major.

But there’s also a big-deal pastry chef opportunity in New York City, and Jake and I have tips for ordering vino in a restaurant.

Off the Menu Podcast: Not Vegan Friendly



Warning: Today’s episode is not friendly to vegans and vegetarians (i.e. my co-host, Ryan. Jake is safe.) Foie gras, fried chicken, and our thoughts on the show about to replace Anthony Bourdain re-runs on the Travel Channel.

Bonus: An Aaron Sorkin-worthy delivery of statistics on how much animal product the United States consumes during a calendar year.


Off the Menu Podcast: High Tech Food?



Jake, Ryan, and I attempt to hone our Silicon Valley-esque wit by discussing some of the latest developments in food and cooking technology. To Be Determined: Are these products we would dip into our respective booze, bacon, and snack funds to purchase? More important, are these products you’d actually consider buying?

Don’t miss one product clouding my mind with rage to the point where I call Europe a country. Not my finest moment. The first person to send me the time stamp of when it happens gets a tray of lemon bars shipped to them. (In my defense, Jake also calls the agencies and NPOs assisting developing countries, “charity people.” Blame it on the vino.)

Off the Menu Podcast: Well Hi, Thanksgiving. When did you get here?

I’m 99% certain that I possess magical powers. I blinked twice and a seemingly vast amount of time passed. One blink for fall (seriously, Los Angeles, when did you get seasons?) and one blink for Thanksgiving.

In this “Off the Menu,” a baker (Kelly), a Jew (Janna), a vegan (Mr. Burch), and a weird human (did you have any doubt that it was me?) discuss Thanksgiving. You asked questions, and we did our best to answer.

Click play, set your bread out to get stale, order your protein now – because if you haven’t, it’s probably too late, and open a bottle of wine.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!