Off the Menu Podcast: The One Where Ryan Drinks



Have you ever consumed a strong vodka cocktail so quickly that you rendered yourself incapable of doing basic math? I have. It was for a special occasion, though. Ryan is drinking again after a 109-day cleanse, and Jake, Junior, and I are eager to celebrate the occasion. You’re going to hear us clink glasses a few times, but hang out with us while we discuss a new Foodstagram (that’s the food porn side of Instagram) celebrity and play “Fridge or Cupboard” – there are debates about Nutella and soy sauce we’d like you to Fact-Check.


Off the Menu Podcast: Not Vegan Friendly



Warning: Today’s episode is not friendly to vegans and vegetarians (i.e. my co-host, Ryan. Jake is safe.) Foie gras, fried chicken, and our thoughts on the show about to replace Anthony Bourdain re-runs on the Travel Channel.

Bonus: An Aaron Sorkin-worthy delivery of statistics on how much animal product the United States consumes during a calendar year.


Off the Menu Podcast: High Tech Food?



Jake, Ryan, and I attempt to hone our Silicon Valley-esque wit by discussing some of the latest developments in food and cooking technology. To Be Determined: Are these products we would dip into our respective booze, bacon, and snack funds to purchase? More important, are these products you’d actually consider buying?

Don’t miss one product clouding my mind with rage to the point where I call Europe a country. Not my finest moment. The first person to send me the time stamp of when it happens gets a tray of lemon bars shipped to them. (In my defense, Jake also calls the agencies and NPOs assisting developing countries, “charity people.” Blame it on the vino.)

Don’t Screw With Our Beer: “Off the Menu with CmC” Podcast



This edition of “Off the Menu with CmC” will help you grow a mustache. Seriously y’all, testosterone is thick here, and it’s going to break over you like a wave. “Manly Night” was full of beer…..more beer….and love advice, combined with a discussion about the perfect way to assemble a breakfast burrito.

Don’t miss me chugging a 22-ounce bottle of a Stone IPA beer, and burping into the microphone. I’ll ship a bottle of the beer we’re drinking in this episode to the first person able to identify when that happens. (No fake IDs though. Getting arrested is never worth it.)

Around the Table at this Podcast:

Sydney (Yours Truly) – A woman actively hoping to up her testosterone with copious amounts of high-quality whiskey, beer, and cigars instead of steroids

Jake – Attorney-At-Law, Football Lover, Gentleman. If James Bond were “Fratty,” this is how he would be embodied.

Ryan – My former roommate, and a superstar DJ. The Rain Man of Beer full of Subtle Swagger.